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Blueface Maratus (undescribed species) - AWESOME ARACHNIDS

Blueface Peacock discovered in 2013 in Western has yet to receive a scientific name ©Jurgen Otto

Výsledek obrázku pro skull mimic spider

Stunning dance of the elaborate peacock spider caught on camera

Garden spider photo: Garden spider, Orb weaver This photo was uploaded by rachyrach17

These spiders have many names from where I come from: Tiger spiders, tomato spiders, garden spiders. We used to have one almost every summer in a round window on our front porch. If you touch them, they start moving their legs and bouncing in their webs!

peacock spider Maratus linnaei

be/DlcqlXJFTxE Male of peacock spider Maratus linnaei from the Albany region in southwestern Western Australia displaying to a female.

Resultado de imagem para peacock spiders

Resultado de imagem para peacock spiders

The Cat-Faced Spider (Araneus gemmoides) is an orb weaver spider found in the American west and Pacific northwest. Often found around houses in areas lit by artificial lighting at night, cat-faced spiders may look somewhat creepy but they’re not poisonous.

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Newly discovered peacock spiders dubbed Sparklemuffin and Skeletorus are as fascinating as they are off-the-charts flamboyant.

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The Trippy Rainbow Jumping Spider of Psychadelica Land : The Featured Creature

Female Two-Striped Jumping Spider

Female Two-Striped Jumping Spider

Altre specie di ragni pavone nelle foto di Jurgen Otto - Focus.it

Newly discovered peacock spider, image via Earth Archives

Opiliones, Eupnoi, F Sclerosomatidae, Subfamily Gagrellinae by M Hedin, via Flickr

Opiliones, Eupnoi, F Sclerosomatidae, Subfamily Gagrellinae by M Hedin, via Flickr