Iron bell/wagon wheel

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very art-design boot!

Wet dog, anyone? A fun project for the garden, and great for rainy days. Guard your plants instead of having your plants dug up ;) These old boot dogs are the work of David Kemp.


I am not going to get chickens, I am not I am not I am not. Rooster Hill Farms, Inc - Rooster Hill Farms Manufacturing - Chicken Tractors

Cast Iron Rooster Welcome Doorbell Dinner Bell Home Cabin Cottage Garden Yard Decor

Bird Buddies on a Branch Wall Mounted Bell

Adorable welcome bell with a Rooster perched on top. This has been finished in a weather worn style including rustic paint. - Solid Cast Iron Construction - Measures high x wide x deep - Pr

Country Living - LOVE these whimsical chickens!

Strutting through the vegetable patch or pecking around your flowerbeds, our funky folk-art poultry are simply irresistible. Each "flock" member is individually hand-painted and will age to a pleasing, rusty patina when left outdoors.

Iron bell/wagon wheel. Creative mind and work of George Weaver of Rote, everything about it. ..via Flea Market Gardening. I have the wheel.

Meeting George Weaver-Bell sculpture -- instruments need to be sculptural (for adult appeal) as well as functional (for child appeal)