Beautiful dark fairy eyes created with makeup - this would be awesome for Mardi Gras or some other masquerade event.

Dshini® - Make a wish come true!

Crazy Eye makeup: Movie makeup at it’s most unique…fun ideas for Mardi Gras and holloween

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Yesterdays Look - I just cant stop looking at your face, so beautiful Linda Hallberg - makeup artist" data-componentType="MODAL_PIN

Black eyeliner/ Immortal gel liner Lee Stell Yellow/Mixed eye drops with eyeshadow from Makeup forever Lashes/Dollface from House! of Lashes Brows/ Brow powder Duo in Dark Brown with Espresso brow gel I love the idea just not the color!


Quite the golden eyelashes! [Golden glitter mascara by Kenneth Willard for Tush magazine]