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Different ways to hang your sword

Different ways to hang your sword. This serves as great reference material when designing weapons for characters.

Duel sword belt. For two one handed swords

Functional Clothing Research Dual Sword Belt via Etsy. The ring at the back allows the weight of the swords to distribute evenly across the bearer's hips, and the angled frogs make drawing the swords much easier.


Look no further that our A/W Denim Deliveries report… WGSN store shot, Good Genes, Amsterdam.

ทวีตสื่อโดย まこ立会人 (@kagaho04) | ทวิตเตอร์

ทวีตสื่อโดย まこ立会人 (@kagaho04) | ทวิตเตอร์

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Modern samurai haracter concept, katana and a suit for the elegant ninja. inspiration and book prompt idea.

I am Locket, Locata's right hand man. I control the shadows, but I am weak to water. No one has seen my true form and lived to tell the tale. I am here to help Locata find his dead wife and bring her back then i will join the good side for i made a deal so i can transform between my two forms at this cost.

The Shadow--A ninja race that has been exiled to the desert, for their radical beliefs, and worship of the "dark gods" (Dragons)

Sketch: Noldorin swords by on @deviantART. Aredhel and Galadriel's swords are missing! Okay, it's not known if Aredhel did have a sword (she was an archer and hunter, though), but Galadriel must have had one, because she fought on several occasions!

Not my picture. Not my designs. Only for reference. - Sketch: Noldorin swords by aautio on deviantART