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Black Cat Portrait Charcoal drawing

Drawing Portraits - Portrait de chat noir Discover The Secrets Of Drawing Realistic Pencil Portraits.Let Me Show You How You Too Can Draw Realistic Pencil Portraits With My Truly Step-by-Step Guide.

Black Cat (Irina Garmashova)

♥ Black Elegance by Artist Irina Garmashova.Oh my goodness, looks just like our last black kitty : )

cat pencil drawing  - paul lung wow it looks like an actual picture

This is a PENCIL Drawing! Incredible Cat Pencil Sketches by Paul Lung. The beautiful pencil art was created by Hong Kong based graphic artist from Paul Lung.

Gato preto ao luar | Black Cat art by Irina Garmashova ♥•♥•♥

I love the night life. I can get lost in the dark & jump out and scare someone! -- Inspired by cats Russian artist Irina Garmashova (Garmashova-Cawton)

White Cat by Midniterain.deviantart.com

Sweet and Spicy Bacon Wrapped Chicken Tenders

black cat in water colours. haven't used it for a looooong time got the pose of the cat from a photo.somewhere *edit* yay, i finished the white cat, now they're a pair Aug d.

Black and white maos.

Kim Haskins - Ink animal drawings, would be super cool to get a large print of this and hang it up somewhere. idk where, but somewhere