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Pot-in-pot Cooler のオシャレ版、ついに!インテリアとしても最適。さりげないオフグリッドライフな贈り物にどうですか?…と思ったのですがこれは非電化な植木の水やりポットでした…でもいい!〜〜〜A Zeer Pot ancient - Tìm với Google

Lessons From The Past: Joey Roth Designs Planter Using 4,000 Year Old Tech

Lessons From The Past: Joey Roth Designs Planter Using Year Old Tech : TreeHugger (water goes in the middle and soil goes around the outside)

My succulents would look just as pretty as these do in their updated planters!

10 DIY Painted Planter Ideas

Ikea pots and neon spray paint are the new dream team! Fun DIY with a spring/summer must have trend - love this and I already have the pots! I will do neon green to match my Luxembourg garden bench.

Self-watering planters are a no-brainer for plant serial killers -- but until now most looked like some kind of Frankenstein science experiment. The 8 self-watering planters here mold form and function to be stunning design objects.

8 Best Indoor Self-Watering Planters For the (Black-Thumbed) Design Lover

Self-watering orchid pot, via Treehugger. Best Indoor Self-Watering Planters For the (Black-Thumbed) Design Lover"

Self watering cult pots ; Gardenista

10 Easy Pieces: Self-Watering Pots and Planters

These stacked Self-Watering Cult Pots are great for flowering plants, herbs and simple succulents. Simply top off the bottom portion with water once a week and your plants on top will drink up as needed. Self-Watering Cult Pots

How to make a vase out of a glass bottle

Love this self watering plant idea. Taking an old bottle and make it into a little self watering plant or even just take the bottom and make a glass!

Torn Edge Round Pot Planter 4x4"

Torn Edge Round Pot Planter 4x4"

Joey designed this self-watering planter made of unglazed earthenware. Soil and plants are placed in the outer donut-shaped chamber, and the center is filled with water. The unglazed terracotta is porous, so water moves from the center chamber into the soil (and is filtered on the way) where it’s transferred to the plant.

Here is a great gardening idea from designer Joey Roth - a self-watering planter. Made from naturally porous unglazed earthenware, the piece retains water in its clever central chamber. This water .

Banded Porcelain Planter | Schoolhouse Electric

Banded Porcelain Planter

Individually thrown by hand on the potter's wheel, these handsome porcelain planters have been finished with a transparent glaze and adorned with midnight blue,

Modern Cement Vases make for interesting centerpiece ideas

Love the wire frame functioning as support for the plants/flowers around the concrete plant vases. I love how concrete is so strong and versatile in its use.