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✯ End Of The Rainbow

Now Ive seen some rainbows in my time.but NONE as beautiful, brilliant nor eye opening as the one in this photo!

The Rainbow of God's Promise over fields of Lavender and other flowers. Probably in the South of France where flowers especially Lavender are a Commercial crop.

Rainbow over flower fields. Dianita you used to like Rainbows, here is one for you on your Birthday,R.

Provo quel senso di gratitudine profonda di fronte ad un tramonto e ad un sorriso..due straordinarie meraviglie della natura.. (Stephen Littleword  Face it

Happy rainbow with birds.amazing, it looks like the moon! Looks like a big smiley face to me.


Beautiful Rainbow Filled with Happiness, Blessings & Peacefullness to all.


Autumn's Double Rainbow, Richmond, Virginia My Rainbow God is always here & there for me Rainbow. Rainbow me & Rainbow God will always will be together forever & ever.


According to the Biblical mythology a rainbow is a sign of the Covenant (promise) made by God to Noah after the massive deluge that had destroyed every living thing on earth, that there would be no such deluge again.