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Camille Leblanc-Bazinet | Crossfit | Photo Credit: Krista Martin

Kara Webb - Currently leading the CrossFit Open! Great picture of her getting full extension on her clean.

PHOTO OF THE DAY!  Dimitry Klokov hitting a 197kg Jerk thanks to hookgrip! — with Dmitry Klokov and Dmitry Klokov.

Dmitry Klokov jerking at the Norwood Weightlifting seminar a few days ago at CrossFit KOP. Klokov did a clean, a push press (!) and a jerk.

Rotweiller. Just the way the breed should be, with tail. My rotweiller mix has his and it's the greatest thing to watch him wag it all over the place when he is happy. Stop docking tails, if they were meant to be short they would be born that way.

German Rottweiler Breed

Polish off Your Arms with the Best Forearm Exercises for Men

What are the best forearm exercises for men to strengthen forearm muscles? Get bigger forearms like Popeye with our strong grip forearms exercise!

Red Velvet #Ant  Also known as a cow killer is a wingless wasp & found in Texas

The beautiful Red Velvet Ant (Dasymutilla Occidentalis) They are wingless Wasps and not actually ants! Be careful of their stinger it is very painful. This is a female the males have wings and look like wasps.