Scalpricursor by Hyrotrioskjan

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Many scentists, of the first level, tried to classify the unicorn. But because no one had ever seen one, the declarations are often very spongy. Some sa.

Baby Birrin by *Abiogenisis on deviantART  Cool pic of cute little baby aliens! His series on Birrin and related life forms is quite well done, and his work is definitely worth checking out by anyone interested in speculative biology.

2 baby Birrin - The Birrin are an egg laying species, and clutches typically contain 3 or 4 eggs which hatch within days of each other to reveal small, hungry and fuzzy chicks. Art by Alex Ries

Occidanatatorinae by on @deviantART

Now something different, more primitive. Phocavaranus is a early sea serpent from the late Eocene of India. It's known from parts of the vertebrate column, the limbs a few ribs and the back of the .