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History's First Terrorists

History's First Terrorists

Modern terrorism has roots in a mythical sect of assassins from the time of the Crusades.

Martin Gunside, L'Esprit des hommes de la Terre de Feu, 1919-1924. Couvert de blanc d'os broyé, un Indien kawésqar représente l'esprit Yincihaua.

A Yincihaua spirit of the Kawésqar people painted white with ground bones, / Specters of a Civilization by Glenn H.

Bulgarian bridal headdress.

"Floral Masks Hide The Blushes Of Some Bulgarian Brides" A Bulgarian matrimonial headdress.


Kaikidan Ekotoba monster scroll -- Rokurokubi [+] This rokurokubi -- a woman with the ability to stretch her neck to extraordinary lengths -- is said to have been encountered by a messenger one night near Ninna-ji temple in Kyoto.

Mikoshi-nyūdō -- Monk-like creature that grows taller the more you look at it

見越入道 Mikoshi-nyūdō, monk-like creature that grows taller the more you look at it, from “Illustrated Book of Monsters”, NABETA Gyokuei『怪物画本』(鳥山石燕を模写)鍋田玉英, 1881

1881年・鍋田玉英「怪物画本」より 火車(かしゃ)

Nabeta Gyokuei: Kasha (cat-like demon that descends from the sky to feed on corpses before cremation), 1881 - an example of yōkai, or creatures from Japanese folklore.

Irving Penn, Max Ernst & Dorothea Tanning, New York, March 20, 1947, printed 1983

Irving Penn ~ Max Ernst + Dorothea Tanning, 1947 - How Dramatic - what are the people who pose like this thinking I wonder?

Hiro kawahara rokurokubi

This is a personal project, a book with 100 Yokais, mythical japanese creatures, each one created with a different approach.