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Voice of Gaijin: Tokyo Governor Resigns

Tokyo Governor Yoichi Masuzoe has resigned over allegations of misusing public funds, which will be effective from next Tuesday. What are your gaijin thoughts?

Japan Releases Dates For Getting Smashed In A Park

Japan's Meteorological Agency has just released its first prediction of the year of dates when people are most likely to start getting hammered in parks across

White Natto-hating English Teacher Calls for an End to Gaijin Stereotyping in New Music Video

Music Video: White Natto-hating English Teacher Calls for an End to Gaijin Stereotyping

Girl Forgets To Post Online That She Failed JLPT N2

An exchange student in Gunma Prefecture today forgot to post online that she failed the JLPT Posting all Japanese test results to your primary social media

Trump Scraps TPP Trade Deal For More Populist PPAP Barter System

President Donald Trump has abandoned the TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) trade deal by executive order and replaced it with the widely acclaimed PPAP (Pen

Toshiko Hasumi Creates New Manga Graphic

Toshiko Hasumi Creates New Manga Graphic

Tokyo Police 3D Mugshots To Be Stored With Pictures Of 3D Girlfriends

Tokyo Police Mugshots To Be Stored With Pictures Of Girlfriends

Shrewd Woman Sending Message Auto-corrects Japanese Word into Unreadable Kanji

A woman living in central Tokyo made the wily decision to auto-correct a Japanese word into a kanji she herself couldn't even read before starting the message.

Petal Tip Protruding From Sakura Bud Sends Japan Into Hysterics

A tiny fraction of a piece of cherry blossom petal poking out of a green flower bud in Nagoya's Heiwa Park has sent the whole of Japan into a wild frenzy.

Gaijin Interviewed on TV Speaks in Fluent Katakana

A foreigner being questioned by NHK about how much she loves Japan has given her responses speaking completely in katakana.

Japan’s Anti-Pacifism Shift Angers Students Worldwide: War Terminology To Be Added To Joyo Kanji

The fall of Japan's pacifist constitution has devastated students both in Japan and abroad as the number of common use (Joyo) kanjis will increase with war

“A Speech By The Poorest President In The World”: Aussie Edition

Japanese author Yoshimi Kusaba has written a sequel to the inspirational children's book based on a true story, "A speech by the poorest president in the world"



Constituent Torn Between Candidate With Interesting Looking Head and Not Voting

Photo News: Constituent Torn Between Candidate With Most Interesting Head and Not Voting

Free Comiket Condoms To Be Used Primarily As KFC Finger Napkins

The condom booth participating at this month's Comiket anime fan event fears their products will be mainly used as KFC Finger Napkins. "Many of the free condoms

Poll Shows Japanese Perceptions Of China Improve From ‘Detest’ To ‘Loathe’

A major poll released Thursday suggests Japanese and Chinese hate each other less than last year. Japanese respondents' perceptions of China improved from