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Pelicano Cubano by Dario Nievas on 500px

Pelicano Cubano by Dario Nievas on

****Aneta Ivanova- Her works a lot of time use birds and a face. I have always loved things merging and becoming something else, and I love that it's birds and a face. She merges them so flawlessly that it makes you really look at the image and break it apart to see what steps she took and how she did it. It's a truly amazing image and I love that you can see the detail of the bird all the way through, even on the lips.

These Emotion-filled Double Exposure Photography Are Just Stunningly Beautiful

awesome "Stretccccch... keep 'em up... that's it. A little longer. Ok. Now, lower slowly...

"Stretccccch... keep 'em up... that's it. A little longer. Ok. Now, lower slowly

The Eastern Bluebird, stretching his wings, is a small thrush found in open woodlands, farmlands, and orchards. It is the state bird of Missouri and New York.this is why I LOVE birds!

Amazing Photography Collection: Amazing .

yellow birds kissing mid flight Aka most likely a parent feeding a first-year bird

"You're going to come across people in your life, who will say all the right…

Expressive Photography by Gina Vasquez

Variety: There are many different things to look at in this photo such as the flying birds in the background/sky, the girl raising her arms in her white dress, the unique buildings in the background behind her.

Fotografias: Paisagens – Brisa da Vaidade

Fotografias: Paisagens

Fly away with me - ocean / sea / sunset / sky / nature photography / photos

Free bird photography cheat sheet. Drag and drop download shows how to photograph birds in 4 common situations.

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crested satinbird - found in Indonesia and Papua New Guinea.

Crested Satinbird, Papua New Guinea - Photographer Nick Borrow Birds birds Exotic Nicobar Pigeons Love Birds

HARMONY Definition: Different aspects that work together to make the photo have a sense of peacefulness. Description: The birds flying in unity create a sense of peace as they are coming together as one.

fiore-rosso: kopita