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Misty mornings

Searching for the last hope by Branislav Fabijanic

One evening, 1945

(Open with Ari)I decided to leave the party abut early. I sighed as I walked through the woods instead of going to my cabin. Then I heard footsteps behind me and I look back and I saw someone wearing all black holding a knife. Then I started running and t

simple-things-of-my-life:  Winter in the Ore Mountains, photo by Daniel Rericha

Photos from the winter Ore Mountains. Canon In Nature, Vegetal, Tree, forest. Winter Ore Mountains II, photography by Daniel řeřicha.

Tamas Dezso, ‘Forest with Mistletoe (near Oradea)’, 2014

From Robert Koch Gallery, Tamas Dezso, Forest with Mistletoe (near Oradea) Chromogenic print, 40 × 50 in