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Some pretty amazing markings and coloring on these dogs. There's even a Pug with a half black half tan face. Several with heart markings.

Dios, ayúdame a ser la persona que mi perro cree que soy

Dios, ayúdame a ser la persona que mi perro cree que soy

Wanna Know Why Dogs and People Are Best Friends ? We all know that dogs are man’s best friend, but have you ever wondered what’s the actual reason behind this? Don’t worry: scientists have already found the answer.

Tibetan Mastiff ahhhhh!

Il mastino tibetano da 750mila dollari, è status symbol tra i ricchi in Cina - Repubblica.it

Sweet rose

Cute little Rottweiler puppy. This reminds me of my friend Rottweiler watching over my son, but much bigger.

A cute sad looking Labrador Puppy ~ the breed is exceptionally friendly, intelligent, and good natured, making them a good companion and working dogs.

A Cute, Sad Looking Labrador Puppy Labrador Puppy Poster

A Cute, Sad Looking Labrador Puppy - Labrador Puppy - NO! Don't be sad, you're to cute😂❤️