Could do with every theme???? could also use "small" abc items to match with beginning sound

Fire Safety Literacy

Mrs. Lee's Kindergarten: Community Helpers. The students will make patterns for police cars and ambulances.

I am finally around to posting our community helpers math centers. We did a fun survey and asked our friends what they wanted to be when th.

Community helpers bulletin board (Inferring using clues and schema)

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If you're teaching your preschooler or kindergarten about community workers, you'll love these free sorting mats!

Free sorting mats for community workers

This free community helpers sorting activity is so much fun! It would be great to use with a community helpers theme in preschool or kindergarten.

Engage students with this fun, interactive community helpers game. In this "Who am I" game, students must guess the community worker. There are 10 questions and you just click on each question to go to it. Each question has 3 clues and student have to gu

Who Am I? - Community Helpers PPT Game

Kindergarten: Civic Participation and Skills-Individuals have shared responsibilities toward the achievements of common goals in homes, school, and communities. Literature- Whose Hands are These by Miranda Paul.

Community Helpers Bingo

Community Helpers Bingo Cards

These printable bingo cards teach children to recognize and name community helpers. Includes both photo and illustrated card sets.

Preschool Printables: Community Helpers - occupations for Another Celebrated Dancing Bear

Individuals have shared responsibilities toward the achievement of common goals in homes, schools and communities. by Sharon Katz Cooper