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This trio of kittens at the Petsmart on Laburnum were adopted immediately (obviously, I mean look at them).we get more and more Precious babies every day so come on down!

Well, you don’t say!

gorgeous cat I saw this beautiful animal and thought that I get it. Why do many people are cat people. She /he 'so a gorgeous animal, a beautiful specimen of a domesticated feline.

I'm a cat addict

Maybe we've been too hasty in disliking excessive ear hair. How thoughtless of us.

♥ Seen lots of cats photo's, but this is one of the most beautiful I think

"You will remember to turn the light out this time?"

"You will remember to turn the light out this time?"


"To some she may look a common cat - but to me she is my friend, confidant and comfort.this applies to all my kitties.


Warriors Dustblaze- Cream colored tom with blue eye and one yellow eye (just imagine one of the eyes is yellow) Apprentice:Blossompaw