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Designing the Next Generation of Condom Packaging

What can condoms teach us about design, creativity, and entrepreneurship in a field where innovation faces a regulatory roadblock? Turns out, quite a lot. Because when you all but can’t change the actual product, you’re forced to rethink everything around

A cute toy for kids, where the packaging becomes the parts.

A Cute Toy For Kids, Where The Packaging Becomes The Parts

A cute toy for kids, where the packaging becomes the parts of the toy itself. Design by Oscar Diaz.

Bzzz Premium honey by Backbone Branding, via Behance

Bzzz premium honey packaging design by creative studio Backbone Branding to perfectly wrap the limited edition honey jars.

Müd Packaging of the World. Cookies and more.... Yummy #identity #packaging #branding curated by Packaging Diva PD

Müd (Student Work)

Müd Packaging of the World. Cookies and more. Yummm curated by Packaging Diva PD wanna make a cute bakery with the cutest branding design!

Healthy Heart Juice packaging design 20 Cool & Creative Food Packaging Design Assemblage For Inspiration

This is a designer than knows the silk printing process. Excellent use of partnering subtle ink color with product color. Healthy Heart Juice - The Dieline -

Gotta love One Condoms!

Gotta love One Condoms!

Liquid flowers.

If you're lazy to romance get this - flowers and wine in one. Blossom Cava by packlab.

different take on milk carton designs. i liek the different colors to label the different types of milk. unique because people don't usually associate RGB with milk.

This design is very simple but works well because of it. the drop creates line and draws the consumers eyes to the work milk at the bottom of the carton. The bright colors against the plain white carton also aid the design.

The world largest coffee cup lids collection

World's largest collection of plastic coffee cup lids, by Louise Harpman and Scott Specht

Simple simple simple... fits my design philosophy to a T!

Ballard Bee Company honey packaging - shape of bottom - tiny hexagon symbol + Bh logo (for the periodic table of element concept)

Imagen de http://www.palaugea.com/web/wp-content/uploads/latas1.jpg.

PalauGea was founded in Valencia, Spain, by Victor Palau and Ana Gea. They now work with a bigger team and create mostly graphic design, but also do some marketing and other stuff.

Too pretty not to share the entire Teassert #packaging pin curated by Packaging Diva PD #2014 top team pin:

Too pretty not to share the entire Teassert by Lily Kao packaging pin curated by Packaging Diva PD