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From Preppy Empty Nester.  Love it. My kids are so good about texting and calling but sometimes I could talk to them all day : )

The Almighty Text

All the time. A smiley face is not an adequate reply if a person wants to continue a conversation. If i respond to a smiley face its because you are important not cuz your text is a valid reply! <<< I'm just thinking this is freaking adorable


10 Hilarious Animal Expressions That Perfectly Capture What It's Like To Be A New Mother.

Love these babies!! #goldenretriever

Love these babies!! #goldenretriever

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We used to wheelbarrow our chocolate lab out of the yard for walks. So he didn't think he could just leave the yard - with the invisible fence. Then he got too big to lift and put in the wheelbarrow.

he knows you don't mind because he had such a good time

"What Mud? I didn't go near the mud." This is what Abby and Chester would look like every time it rained. Mom would get so angry:-)

Sam - Summer is a great time to be a dog! | Henry Fradley

❦ There’s nothing more scarry than a wet dog. "Stay back, stay back. I love you too boy.Great, now I smell like a wet dog.