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My coach told me, "In the olden days, when they did fencing they had a dagger and sword. They would kill their opponent.


There is a beast inside every [wo]man and it stirs when you put a sword in his[her] hand.

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Fencing Weapons: Epee, Foil, Saber [Photographic Print at AllPosters.com] (See the middle sword -- that's an ITALIAN foil, not well-known in this fencing generation's knowledge of different schools of fencing. I learned this weapon starting when I was 7 years old, when my father put a sword in my hand & said "you will learn to fence!".  I thought my fingers would break at times - it's a difficult weapon to use -- but has strengths you wouldn't believe. JEO)

Fencing Weapons: Epee, Foil, Sabre

I took fencing in college.  I really miss it and would love to get back into it

Pour Sousties qui LOVE trop le fencing et qui est trop une Big Boss

The weapons used in the beautiful sport of Fencing.

Fencing Books - Great Books for Fencing

find fencing inspirations at Monica Hahn photography and FenceOgraphy

Fencing is a practice of Logic + strategy + intuition under extreme pressure. It’s you and your weapon. (No weight class) who is better?

fencing: basic sport weapons (A) Epee, French grip (B) Sabre, (C) Foil, French grip, I'm epee!

fencing: basic sport weapons (A) Epee, French grip (B) Sabre, (C) Foil, French…