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Sato Takeru

Locke Kim Li as Takeru Sato (haha this looks like that old art I did of him Schu posted in the coven folder!

明けましておめでとう!健さんと健友さん! の画像|ゆかりのブログ(佐藤健応援隊)

明けましておめでとう!健さんと健友さん! の画像|ゆかりのブログ(佐藤健応援隊)

(Toyo) "Closing the school?" I say. I had just gotten discharged from the medical ward when I got the news. It's for the best. After all the murders don't seem to be stopping any time soon. But as long as my river stays in tact then I'll have a home.

Takeru san as Aki Ogasawara (another one of my favorite characters from his movies) from “The Liar and His Lover” for Japanese film Navi magazine vol.