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depression comix by depressioncomix. It's not the clothes or depression, honey it's environmental allergies

Re: "Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem." "Cliches may not help, but listening does."

A chronic mental illness is not "a problem". Long term mental anguish is not "a problem". Cliches may not help, but listening does. Depression comix This guy makes fantastic REAL comics.

depcom.238.col.400px Yep I remember feeling like this in high school!!! So glad I'm passed that!

That was me in middle school. Although the weight would become less intense and as the day came to an end meaning I'd have to go back home, the weight would dramatically increase.

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This is the reason why I despise people, who defend those monsters. "He had a bad childhood, did drugs or is an alcoholic. boohoo" They just don't think about the suffering of the victim.

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Judge not the incredible pain & emptiness of a suicidal person. It has nothing to do with selfishness.<<<<yeah fuck people who do this