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The German 280mm railway gun of the "Bruno" series en route to the front, invasion of Poland, 1939.
German Dora 800mm canon. BIG !
British Army officers pose next to projectiles fired by the "Dora" railway gun. Dora and its sibling "Gustav" were 80 cm guns developed in the late 1930s by Krupp as siege artillery for the purpose of destroying the French Maginot Line fortifications. The guns could fire shells weighing seven tonnes to a range of 47 km (29 mi). Gustav was captured by US troops and cut up whilst Dora was destroyed near the end of the war in 1945 to avoid capture by the Red Army.
British Churchill Crocodile Tank, towing the flame thrower's fuel in a trailer behind it.
Japan formally surrenders aboard the USS Missouri in Tokyo Bay, Sept. 2, 1945
German artillery calculations-150 mm rail guns getting ready to open fire at the Polish Army May 1940, the 150-mm guns were in service with the 1st two-Cannon battery 655 .