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ZENxMC Series [Part [Part [Part [Part [Part [x] This one’s light. Next update whenever hahaha don’t rush me I get confused ʕ⊙ᴥ⊙ʔ ((p. u all saw this coming anyway HAHAadsgfdhfgh))

Part 2

myetie as in spaghetti — ZENxMC Series [x] [Part [Part [Part

christmas, fanart, and mystic messenger 이미지

christmas, fanart, and mystic messenger 이미지 <<< Jumin in the background of the last picture XD

ZENXMC Series Chapter 3 [Page 1]  OWNER: myetie from tumblr

ZENxMC Series [Part [Part [x] [Part [Part [Part oKAY three straight days of angst in a row is enough lololol let’s take a break from this au i need to draw Yoosung again free me.

Zen - MC

I love his long hair though T-T. I mean I never imagined him with short hair so that might be cool. Personally, I'd be a bit upset I've spent all those years growing it out and then some jerk cuts if off