Matthew Gray Gubler Photos - Matthew Gray Gubler makes his way to 'The Amazing Spiderman' premiere in held at the Westwood Village Theatre in Los Angeles. - Celebs Attend the 'Amazing Spider-Man' Premiere in LA

Take criticism, smash it into dust and use it to paint breathtaking images of unicorns frolicking thru endless fields of greatness. - Matthew Gray Gubler

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Spencer Reid on Criminal Minds. My favorite character< agreed plus that tie-in in the phot about "black satin t-shirt" sounds like the start of a really good fantasy.

There is just SOMETHING about a sexy man in glasses!!!! Matthew Gray Gubler <3

I'm digging Matthew Gray Gubler's specs in this pic. I've been trying to decide whether to get round wiry specs like these, or clear prisms.

Just so y'all know, he was talking to me. So BACK OFF! :)

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I suddenly wish to see him portray (yet another version of) Sherlock Holmes. It'd be quite interesting...

Matthew Gray Gubler He reminds me a bit of Dax Riggs in this picture.the hair and expression.

Matthew Gray Gubler...aka Dr. Spencer Reid

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Matthew Gray Gubler I just love him so much Can't I keep him?