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Mystic Messenger Deep story and casual story

Mystic Messenger Deep story and casual story, pretty damn true

Ciel and Sebastian's beginning - Black Butler - Book of Circus - This was so sad . . . I CRIED SO HARD!!!

yes yes yes I love the book of circus opening and the season and I love it when he first meets Sebastian!

ITS ALMOST JAEHEE'S || Mystic Messenger ★

According to horoscopes, Zen and I should get along very bell because of our zodiac signs (I'm Sagittarius, he's Aries)

O M G  I  W A N T  T O  H U G  T H E M  A N D  T E L L  I T ' S  G O I N G  T O  B E  O K A Y!!!♡♡♡

And guess who has gone through all of these feelings.*Raises hand* seems like they all got probs