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1 sculpture de fruit et légume: Comment Faire une Fleur en Courgette et Tomate Cer...

Comment Faire une Fleur en Courgette et Tomate Cerise / How to Make a Flower with a Zucchini and a Cherry Tomato

Bonjour, aujourd'hui je vous invite à   découvrir  comment faire un éventail avec  une pomme en  seulement 1 minute !          Pour la ...

Comment Faire un Éventail avec une Pomme / How to Make a Hand Fan with an Apple

L’Éventail et la Rosace en Pomme / DIY, Facile, Présenter, Réaliser, Comment Faire - YouTube

Hand Fan & Rosette Made with an Apple / How-to, Food Art, Party Idea, Cutting, Cooking Tricks

Академия карвинга. Резьба по огурцам. Урок #1 » BonAppetit.com.ua - Коллекция кулинарных рецептов с фотографиями и советами по приготовлению


Looks like a fairly easy cucumber garnish. Directions in Russian so hard to tell.

Roses and baskets from ham, tulips from tomatoes and other beautiful delicacies.

Roses and baskets from ham, tulips from tomatoes and other beautiful delicacies.

Penguin snacks.. make with cream cheese or mozzarella using small melon baller

Recipe ● Cream Cheese Penguins The creamy cheese pairs well with the briny olive and the carrot adds a bit if sweetness and crunch. We used large olives for both parts and only tsp of cream cheese per penguin. Even my 4 year old could do this.

Fruit Art

Amazing what all Jack can do with sculpturing Fruit. Hummingbird made from Apples. His 'Swans' with'em apples are awesome too. I taught him everythg. Now the 'Mistakes'? Well, he learn those ALL by himself.

LOL, DAMN! « Page 8 of 1963 « Funny picture and Awesome Quotes.

Creative Packaging Design Makes Pasta A Model Hairstyle.

*Potato Roses, Difficult to roll even Mandolin slices thin. Soak potato slices in melted butter. Overlap 8 potato slices than roll to form the rose. Put in muffin tin.

Melons are a fierce kidney cleanser, though only when eating by them selves as a meal. Best way to detox with melon is doing a day of just eatings melons and drinking nothing but water.

Lime Sorbet Margaritas

Funny pictures about Watermelon Lion. Oh, and cool pics about Watermelon Lion. Also, Watermelon Lion photos.

This is a beautiful, interesting way to prepare vegetables

Festive Bean 'n' Pepper Bundles

Festive Bean 'n' Pepper Bundles. Love this idea for getting anyone who doesn't like salads to eat veggies. Add a small dip on the side for the perfect snack!