backyard home : polyhedron. love the shape and the clamshell effect, open use–from workspace to retreat to rejuvenation pod.

Habitable Polyhedron / Manuel Villa

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if you know where this is please post it! Someone give a hint to where it is?

25 Brilliant Small & Unique Houses

A bit dramatic for a tiny house but above the bed would be awesome While it looks like a greenhouse, this coastal home in California, built by Mickey Muennig, has a removable window which helps keep the place cool.

A Stylish Garden Shed- An unassuming backyard shed has barn doors that roll open on two sides, allowing it to double as a well-appointed gardener's retreat and bike storage.

Doors would need to slide in front of each other and not to the side. Would need double rails or just hinged.

10 Quadratmeter grosse Studentenwohnung, ausgestellt im Kunstmuseum Virserum, Småland, Schweden.

Who wants a tree house over this. A student flat of only 10 square meters is currently exhibited at the Virserum Art Museum in the county Småland, Sweden.

Enjoy camping and the outdoors in a different light with this unique single tunnel inflatable bubble tent. Great for backyards and families.

Enjoy camping and the outdoors in a different light with this unique single tunnel inflatable bubble tent. Great for backyards and families.

The BackYard House made from recycled barnboards - the lights are on, wish I was home... - For more visit

Megan Lea's Backyard House, built out of recycled barnboard with copper roofing. A kids playhouse idea?

Wohn-DesignTrend - Dupli.Casa von J. Mayer H. Architekten 05 Wohn-DesignTrend-Dupli Wohn-DesignTrend-Dupli

Wohntrends: Dupli Casa von J. Mayer H. Architekten

Modern residential house 'Dupli Casa' in Ludwigsburg by J. Mayer H. The design owes its success to the use of line and considered placement. Visually pleasing, the modern architecture differs from traditional century brick houses.

Creative ideas for backyard retreats and garden sheds

the one with ivy and the 'cottage greenhouse' ! :) 19 favorite garden cottages & shedsCreative ideas for backyard retreats, detached home offices, and reinvented sheds