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どうなってるの!?海の中で流れ落ちる「滝」が摩訶不思議【モーリシャス島】 | IDEA HACK

The Underwater Waterfall of Mauritius Island: Mauritius Island is located in the Indian Ocean east of Madagascar. The waterfall is an optical illusion created by sand washed into patterns that make it appear as an underwater waterfall. I want to go here!

Niagara Falls

Aerial shot of The Horseshoe Falls, Ontario, Canada, one of three waterfalls, collectively called Niagara Falls on the Canada-USA border.

これが地球上に存在するって本当ですか? あなたが死ぬまでに訪れるべき33の絶景 - ViRATES [バイレーツ]

Reed Flute Caves, China - This cave system has been one of Guilin, China’s most popular attractions for over 1200 years. The beautiful stalactites, stalagmites and pillars were all created through water erosion.


The Baatara gorge waterfall.The Baatara gorge waterfall (Balaa gorge waterfall) is a waterfall in the Tannourine, Lebanon. The waterfall drops 255 metres ft) into the Baatara Pothole, a cave of Jurassic limestone located on the Lebanon Mountain Trail.

【美しくも恐ろしい】不思議な魅力を放つ廃墟20選 | CuRAZY [クレイジー]


stock photo: Sweepstakes shipwreck Big Tub Harbour Fathom Five National Marine Park Lake Huron Ontario Canada

bluepueblo: Sorrento Back Beach, Australia photo via fragile ここで仲間と5人位で滞在し、魚を獲り食べて生活!

Back Beach, Sorrento, Mornington Peninsula, Australia. Australia is not the first travel destination I'd pick but it's on the list for sure.

where in the world can you find such clear water? beautiful!

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ponderation: “ Sand Dunes, Cervantes, WA by Christian Fletcher ”

Sand Dunes, Cervantes, Western Australia by Christian Fletcher looks like White Sands NM

澄んだ水と恐怖のダムがあるスイス ヴェルザスカ


To add to your photo bucket list: the Verazsca Riverbed in Switzerland. The water is so clear, you can see straight through 50 feet of water! Claudio Gazzaroli shot this photo from the bottom of the river. Photographer Shoots from Under 50 Feet of Water