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tao and suho looks like Mama Suho is being celebrated by his baby

Wanna One Updates

Photobomb level : chanyeol

Sistar Fanboys - Kris does not approve of your butting in Chanyeol xD

EXO - Suho & Tao

suho and tao , Suho looks too cute omg suhos smile kooks like tiffany from snsd's here

Instagram photo by kpopfanfr - My friend is a troll XD exo

So true, my friend fell down the stairs in front of two 'hot' ( in her opinion) guys, and I just laughed at her.am I a bad person?

Santao Claus LMAO...I'm done. I'm done with this fandom, I'm done with this band XD ~ Merry Krismas everyone!!!

Haha sanTAO if only he could've got my oppas under my tree

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keke i thought the water bottle is a perfume bottle~ ^^; but in the end it is a water bottle~ keke i am such a pabo~But the real question is who is dumb and who is dumber

Srsly, do their designers even try anymore...?? Tao can rock anything though..♥♥

Srsly, do their designers even try anymore. Tao can rock anything though.

Parks, Park, Parkas

Adult Sehun stops troll Chen  ~ aww poor chen it's cute.. so serious sehun ö xd

Adult Sehun stops troll Chen ~ aww poor chen it's cute. so serious sehun xd

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So if you have not heard tao left exo like holy fuck he was one of my biases now I only have three 😭😭😭😭😭 I will always love you tao~paisley