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コラ疑惑すら浮上したレア柄の猫。白と黒が細かく入り混じったマーブル模様がすごくかっこいいぞ。 : カラパイア

Born a solid black kitten, Scrappy's white freckles are slowly playing connect-the-dots. We think she's gorgeous.

ノンジャンル猫画像 72 - ねこLatte+

fuzzybumblrbee: “ (via Tuesday’s Best: Meet The Glorious Guardian Of The Nordic Forests! ViralSpell) ”Tap the link to check out great cat products we have for your little feline f

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This is scrappy and he is really that colour Scrappy was born in 1997 as a black cat and only a few years ago he started turning white (maybe vitiligo) and has ended up with this extraordinary pattern - A very pretty kitty

21 Huge Maine Coon #Cats That Will Make Your #Kitty Look Tiny.The Maine Coon cat is among the biggest domestic breeds of cats. Actually, the record for the “longest cat” in the 2010 Guinness World Records was achieved by Stewie, with 48.5 in.

This is a Norwegian Forest Cat. The breed is one of the few domesticated house cats still common in the wild.<<<< Are you sure that's a domestic cat and not a snow leopard

Cutie Tootie - 8th April 2015

Cutie Tootie - 8th April 2015

Cute kitty with some unique markings~ Would you call her a panda, or a raccoon?


“ Robert Sijka photographs Maine Coon cats and makes them look like majestic mythical beasts The man who takes these glorious photos is Robert Sijka. “My passions are cats and photography, I do my best to combine these two things.

Die Main Coon ist die größte Katzenart, die domestiziert wurde. Alles was größer ist und du müsstest Angst haben zum Frühstück verspeist zu werden. Robert Silijka hält die Main Coons für äußerst majestätische Tiere. Es wollte ihre Schönheit mit der Welt teilen. „Meine Leidenschaft sind Katzen und Fotografie. Ich wollte diese beiden Leidenschaften so gut wie mögliche miteinander kombinieren,“ sagt er auf seiner Webseite. Robert sagt, dass er seine Inspiration von einem Foto bekam auf dem…

My Modesty is mainecoon, she has the same silver/grey fur but a bit shorter mane.Her fur gets on absolutley everything.damn =µ)

Where is my treat?

Meet Pompous Albert, the Cat With a Case of Resting Bitch Face. He IS a real cat, a Selkirk Rex


These giant felines are Maine coons. Once you see the pictures of these huge cats with their tiny owners, you'll understand why they're so impressive!

Now this is a cat I wouldn't mind. He looks like a lil werewolf.

Does longer hair on an animal, bigger or smaller size prove evolution? Longest Fur on a Cat won Guinness World Record

roosevelt must have slept like this with his mama til he lost her. this is exactly how he slept across me or Mark's faces/necks when he was small enough....What moms will do for their babies :)

roosevelt must have slept like this with his mama til he lost her. this is exactly how he slept across me or Mark's faces/necks when he was small enough.What moms will do for their babies :) kitten and mommy.

37 Funny Animal Pictures You're Going To Love

37 Funny Animal Pictures You're Going To Love

Anyone else secretly feel like their cat is plotting to kill them? WARNING - Murder Button is installed in different locations on different models of Cat. Some Cats may be equipped with multiple buttons. Please, practice caution when engaging your Cat.

Love Cute Cats

Love Cute Cats