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Queen Emma of the Netherlands' Diamond Devant de Corsage - 1879 - a part of the wedding gift from the Dutch people when she married King Willem III - Dutch Royal Jewels

Maria Christina Royal Devant-de-Corsage brooch (est. $1.5 – 2 million), a magnificent diamond brooch given as a wedding present by King Alfonso XII of Spain to his wife the Archduchess Maria Christina of Austria in 1879.

THE MARIA CHRISTINA ROYAL DEVANT-DE-CORSAGE. The brooch designed as a very large openwork palmette with foliate and scrolling motifs, suspending an oval-shaped bombé pendant, set throughout with old-cut diamonds, mounted in silver and gold, circa cm.

Catherine the Great was such an energetic empress that she reorganized the provincial government, began state-sponsored education, and codified laws. Embracing western ideas, she enncouraged French customs and language, wrote plays and histories, and organized court performances. As a serious student of French thinkers, she led the Englightment.

The Empresses Crown (Russian Crown Jewels). Don't care if I'm not a Russian Empress, want one!now go forth and share that BOW DIAMOND style ppl!

Imperial Majesty Empress Farah of Iran persian turquoise & diamond necklace.

HIM Empress Farah of Iran Persian Turquoise & Diamond Necklace. Persian turquoise is very rare and precious, having a beautiful translucent blue green color. It is only found in Iran, once known as Persia.

Royal Family of Wurtemberg jewels

Diamond Brooch of Queen Pauline von Württemberg Diamonds, Gold, Silver.

IMPERIAL RUSSIAN DIAMOND RIVIÈRE~ belonged to Empress Maria Feodorovna. Necklace…

in silver with gold pear shaped diamonds, topped by smaller diamonds,between the and centuries. Indian origin is 475 old carats. Some a bluish or pinkish hue~glamorous!

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Princess Maxima wearing the central ornament from Queen Wilhelmina''s Borneo Diamond Set as brooch

Netherlands' Queen Juliana's Aquamarine pendant attached to another diamond brooch

Dutch Royalty: Platinum pendant with the monogram of Queen Emma Adelheid, in diamonds, pearls and rubies; circa 1900.

Royal Dutch jewels: Platinum pendant with the monogram of Queen Emma Adelheid. Diamonds, Pearls and Rubies.

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