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1953 ceramic dish by Picasso for Vallauris

1953 Ceramic Dish by Picasso for Vallauris

(blushingcheekymonkey): pablo picasso - la visage de la paix (1953)

The University of Washington, Tacoma now has an original Picasso drawing hanging in its library, courtesy of Tacoma peace activist Fr.

undefined, looks like John Ward

'Black and White Oval Pot with Neck' by English ceramic artist John Ward x 18 x source: The Stour Gallery. via King Creative

Canaryware Child’s Mug with Vertical Leaf and Vine Decoration

ceramic 🐚 canaryware child’s mug with vertical leaf and vine decoration clay pottery cuisine kitchen jaune yellow

Kurt Perschke's Red Ball Project   http://www.juxtapoz.com/Street-Art/kurt-perschkes-red-ball-project

Be Inspired: 11.11.15

Lucid Dreams Ceramics by Bonnie Marie Smith.

'Heaven and Earth' by American artist Bonnie Marie Smith. Assemblage of doll-sized ceramic artifacts set in a diamond pattern. via Mindy Solomon Gallery

よしざわ窯には実店舗はありません。窯元直営のオンラインストア「on the table」にて販売をしています。窯元直営だからこそ叶う手頃な価格が魅力のひとつ♪現在は2週間に2度、10~15種類ほどの器たちが販売されています。今日はどんな器に出会えるのかなとワクワクしてしまいます。

「on the table」で手に入れる♪よしざわ窯の益子焼とかわいいお菓子の素敵な関係