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Talking About Ritual Magick: August 2011

The Grand Man of Zohar Eliphas Levi thus describes the Great Prototypal Man…

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Key of Solomon | Man, Do They Love Their Geometric Symbolism!! | Notice The Annunaki On The Lower Left & Right, Echoing The Sumerian/Babylonian Ancient Sphinx (Human-Animal Hybrids Created by The Nephilim Giants) The Sphinx are Referred to as The Harbingers of The Fallen and Often Guard the Gateway to The Underworld in Ancient Egyptian Mythology | The All-Seeing Eye & The Ouraboros Snake Eating Itself Also Present - Description by @PharaohsLegacy

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Yggdrasil, the Tree of Life, and the Nine Realms

realmsofthemortalgods: Yggdrasil and the Realms A convenient guide to the way the Old Norse mapped out the universe. See: Norse and Germanic Mythology for more!

Tabela de Correspodências de Ervas, Frutas e outras plantas mágicas.

Tabela de Correspondências (Pt.1) – Ervas, Frutas e outras Plantas Mágicas

Tabela de Correspodências de Ervas, Frutas e outras plantas mágicas.

Violet Mary Firth (1890-1946), better known as Dion Fortune, was a British occultist and author. She was born at Bryn-y-Bia in Llandudno, Wales, and grew up in a household where Christian Science w…

Dion Fortune and Tarot

Solomon's key

The Absolute Key to Occult Science - Tarot of the Bohemian Grove froot loops.

muscavomitoria: “ Sacra exequialia in funere Jacobi II magnae Britanniae regis (1702). Detail. “  ” ”

Plate from the published funeral rites of James II, the last Roman Catholic King of Great Britain: "Sacra exequialia in funere Jacobi II, Magnae Britanniae regis" by Henri-Emmanuel de Roquette (orator),

Angel Gabriel.. Yeah...There are more for us than against us!

Gabriel - Hebrew meaning God is my strength : Male. The bible speaks of angels as being fearsome warriors of God who strike fear into the hearts of all who behold them. Cherubs and sexy women angels are an abomination.

Sacred Geometry: The Tree of Life

How Does Angel Metatron Represent Kether (the Crown) on Kabbalah's Tree of Life?: In Kabbalah, Archangel Metatron oversees the entire Tree of Life from the top, which is called Kether (the crown).

I am not quite sure how I would feel about having a life-sized Yinepu (Anubis) in my house!

The Grand Ruler: Life-Size Anubis Sculpture.Anubis is jackal-headed god associated with mummification and the afterlife in ancient Egyptian religion.

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Alchemical Emblems: The alchemical tree, standing under the influences of the heavens.

.Cosmic Serpent

Alchemy - Llew Mejia :: I started drawing a Green Tree Python, but then it kind of took off into some occult stuff, touching up on some more symbolism from Rosicrucians, the Priory of Sion as well as some Alchemy textbooks I was looking over.