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vilhelm hammershøi - The Courtyard at 30 Strandgade 1899, via www.hypo-kunsthalle.de

Vilhelm Hammershoi - Interior of Courtyard, Strandgade 30 - 1899

vilhelm hammershoi - interior-strandgade

Vilhelm Hammershoi 'Interior, Sunlight on the Floor' 1906

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paintings of abandoned buildings by Matteo Massagrande

Post-apocalyptic paintings of abandoned buildings

The rainbow of gray in a Hammershøi interior is a Reason Why Denmark Is A Wonderful Place To Live acording to Jonathan Cape

Bedroom, Strandgade 30 - Vilhelm Hammershøi (Danish, Bedroom, Strandgade 30 oil on canvas x in x cm.