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In case you were wondering (which you probably were) what Kyle Platts has been up to recently, the answer is rather a lot. Don't worry, he's still churning out drawings that resemble the illegitimate love-child of the _Bash Street Kids_ and _Beavis and Butthead_ at an unstoppable rate. His latest lump of work is, satisfyingly, much like his old work but even better - the detail is tighter, the colours and brighter and his choices of materials are getting increasingly varied. We caught...

Illustration: Bic Macs and bean-blowing, we find out what Kyle Platts has been up to of late

Kyle Platts

Kyle Platts

Opera House, Sydney, Modern Graphic Design, Graphic Design Inspiration, Brian Wilson, Posters, Houses, Homes, Opera

Kyle Platts, http://www.kyleplatts.com

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