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Undertale: Just Give Up, I Did by Shrineheart

Undertale, Sans and Frisk Comment: I love how take me home by Hollywood undead…


DanceTale (+ nice joke about using balet clothes as sunflower petals 😂)

sans, papyrus, frisk, undyne, toriel | Undertale

Comfort zone ♥ Every troubled skeleton needs a good bro and a few nice friends. Undyne sending the pic to Alphys, of course :D Everyone seems making these couch-fluff-stuffz, so I joined!

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Undertale-Undyne and Frisk comic- Frisk is so cute

you are my sunshine by bPAVLICA.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

you are my sunshine~~~ This warms my heart~~ Undertale Fan Art by bPAVLICA on DeviantArt

Sans and papyrus - undertale

Sans' nightmares of chara genocide, papyrus has to take care of him and lets him snuggle to sleep while watching Mettaton's MTT TV show program

undertale | Tumblr

Buy a hotdog from Sans while your inventory is full: he'll put it on your head. For free. He won't give you That's just WAY too excessive.