Rooftops, Pablo Carpio on ArtStation at

Pablo Carpio is concept artist and designer based in Madrid, Spain. His work has been published by ImagineFX and He has also worked as a freelance concept artist for companies such as Ubisoft Montreal and MPC.

The Incredible Art Of Maciej Kuciara, Who's Worked On The Last Of Us, Cyberpunk & Crysis

The Incredible Art Of Maciej Kuciara, Who's Worked On The Last Of Us, Cyberpunk & Crysis

Desert Palace by Maciej Kuciara

City in the desert by ~Rhynn on deviantART

Sand dunes surround the city.

desert concept art - Google Search

Desert City of Al Kharid

Papua Oasis by | temple | city | architecture

Papua Oasis by jungpark on deviantART

Like the mountain you can see everything from. PAUL LASAINE

Prince of Egypt Concept art by Paul Lasaine

Part of a personal project I will be developing in the future with David Ardinaryas Lojaya!  Check his work here:

ArtStation - Day and Night: The Gates of Gold, Pablo Carpio

Antique City <3

© Ubisoft Entertainment Done in collaboration with PoPeC - Background I

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Shurima - Regions - Universe of League of Legends

Les Concept arts pour Horizon Zero Down et autres par Lloyd Allan

Haul - Buried Statue by Lloyd Allan

Environment Concept Art, Environment Design, Desert Environment, Landscape Artwork, Fantasy Landscape, Fantasy Concept Art, Fantasy Art, Fantasy World, Science Fiction Art

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Horizon Zero Dawn concept art by Karakter

Juliaon Roels

Conheça o portfolio do artista Juliaon Roels

Charles Fonseca: John Varley - 1881, uma rua de Boulaq Perto Cairo....

Egypt , Old Cairo Paintings: John Varley (British, 1778 - - A Street In Boulaq Near Cairo 1881

fantasyartwatch:  Arrival by Shen Fei

Desert City w Cathedral on a Hill m Fighter on Horseback Arrival by Shen Fei fantasyartwatch:

Desert buildings

Desert buildings