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Is Sonic being annoying again Amy?

Amy rose si arrabbia con Sonic the hedgehog,dandogli una martellata in testa! XD Amy Rose gets angry with sonic the hedgehog, giving him a hammer blow on the head!

this is totally okay. we were scared sh*tless when he used guns, so this is totally okay

Shadow will always be my favorite in the Rhythmic Ribbon event. I died of laughter the first time I played, but he's always been my go to.

*rouge voice* break their fuckin legs do it *shadow voice* hell yeah damn right hell fucking yeah damn fucking right heck yeah They were so mean in Sonic Free Riders lmao i reaaaaally loved them !

Sonic The Hedgehog

I apologize, I haven no idea what he's saying here.


Sonic is being sweet. Knuckles is being bashful and sweet. Shadow was acting cool and sweet.