TANGLED - Movie Poster     Cast Overview:  Mandy Moore .... Rapunzel  Zachary Levi .... Flynn Rider  Donna Murphy .... Mother Gothel  Ron Perlman ....  Jeffrey Tambor .... Lord Jamie  Brad Garrett .... Hookhand  M.C. Gainey ....  Paul F. Tompkins ....  Nathan Greno .... Film Director  Byron Howard .... Film Director    FREE MOVIES  ONLINE  www.youtube.com/antonpictures

Tangled I Directors: Nathan Greno, Byron Howard I Writers: Dan Fogelman (screenplay), Jacob Grimm (based upon the fairy tale "Rapunzel" by) (as the Brothers Grimm)


A true hero isn’t measured by the size of his strength, but by the strength of his heart.

When your add your or your child adds their crushes name it puts it all in to perspective.

When my daughter had a crush on a boy, I asked her to place his name in 1 Corinthians We need to teach our children this. It'll give them a greater discernment about others and help them reflect on their own behavior.

Best friends

Best Quotes and Sayings about love, life, friends , happy , Wisdom . Inspirational and motivational quotes and sayings about everything in life.

Dumbass Best Friends Quotes With Pictures (16)

40 Dumbass Best Friends Quotes With Pictures

Literally though like I got a notification saying my best friend texted me saying "please can you cheer me up?" and I literally dropped all my homework, grabbed my phone and texted her, "WHO DO I HAVE TO KILL?

Live this... X

Volunteer for the love of it! - choose a cause you love -When Action Meets Compassion, lives change.

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Do you remember your childhood best friend? I remember my friend Celia. We were friends throughout elementary and middle school. We did ev.

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