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Steven Spielberg, Christian Bale

in the future i want to work with great directors like steven speilberg but i need to work hard so i chose mastery for this image.

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Steven Spielberg - American director, producer and screenwriter. Spielberg is considered as one of the founding pioneers of the New Hollywood era, as well as being viewed as one of the most popular and influential directors and producers in film history.

Steven Spielberg with E.T. I've always loved that movie, although I won't lie it used to freak me out a little when I was young.

: The Extra-Terrestrial - Behind the scenes photo of Steven Spielberg. The image measures 550 * 738 pixels and was added on 27 July

Two Full Sail grads worked on the Steven Spielberg film #Lincoln, starring Daniel Day Lewis as Honest Abe.

'Lincoln' poster: Daniel Day-Lewis in black and white

Lincoln With Daniel Day-Lewis, Sally Field, David Strathairn. Written by Tony Kushner and Doris Kearns Goodwin. Directed by Steven Spielberg.

Steven Spielberg on a set of ”Jaws” (1975)

Director Steven Spielberg playing with a robot shark on the Jaws movie set, c.The shark is not working.the shark is not working.

The first 15 minutes will make your head spin. Not bad after that either.

Saving Private Ryan (1998)

SAVING PRIVATE RYAN is a 1998 American epic war film set during the invasion of Normandy in World War II. It was directed by Steven Spielberg, starring Tom Hanks and Matt Damon. One of the best war movies of all time.

Steven Spielberg y Tom Hanks durante el rodaje de "Salvar al Soldado Ryan", 1998

Steven Spielberg & Tom Hanks Saving Private Ryan, “He better be worth it. He better go home and cure a disease, or invent a longer lasting light bulb”

Steven Spielberg. Who hasn't loved a Spielberg movie? By far the most recognizable movie maker of any generation!

Music In Film...Steven Spielberg

Steven Spielberg - director, producer, screenwriter, and business magnate - United States

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Kate Capshaw Steven Spielberg George Lucas Harrison Ford Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom Behind the Scenes - 2000

Robert Zemeckis, Michael J. Fox, and Steven Spielberg have a chat on the hood of the DeLoreon.  (Back to the Future)

Back to the future set - Robert Zemeckis, Michael Fox & Steven Spielberg

Steven Spielberg on the set of Jaws

A young Film Director Steven Spielberg on the set for his movie "Jaws" in