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Frans de Waal - Public Page DORMICE Brett Lewis Photography writes: "It's always heart warming when you encounter torpid dormice at the start of the survey season. These two were encountered during our monthly checks of our boxes in east Kent.

Hazel Doormouse

10 Hibernating Animals Climate Change Could Wake Up

Just like disturbances wake you up, they wake up the animal kingdom -- often with dire results.

Hazel dormouse sleeping in the leaves

10 things you didn't know about dormice

How power-napping helps late-born dormice. In the race against time to build enough energy reserves to survive hibernation, dormice born late are at a serious disadvantage. Research has found that, despite having less time to gather.

♫ Can you feel the love toniiiiiiiight? ♫

32 Adorable Animals Who Have Found Their True Love

Two prairie dogs cuddling like humans at the pet store yesterday. SO CUTE. Why would ANYONE want a prairie dog as a pet?

Sleeping family of Lynx. I love how the mom's head is curled up under the dad! So cute!

Sleeping family of Lynx. I love how the mom's head is curled up under the dad! I need to pet them.


The Raspberry Thief :-) Every creature on this earth is worthy of love! So precious!

Hedgehog by Matthieu Soudet

This is cute but makes me sad. Due to the drought, a hedgehog fell into our pond last night trying to get a drink and drowned.

It is my bread, I want it back!

sharing with a friend :).the squirrel and bird are sharing a piece of bread. So cute.