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How to Draw Dog Ears Step 1 The ancestor of dogs, a wolf, has pointed ears, and they still can be found in many breeds. They& quite easy to draw. The more hairy the dog, the more fluffy the ears (compare a German Shepherd and Alaskan Malamute).

Let’s take one from the world of animals – Wolf. Here is our collection of top wolf coloring pages to print for your kids.

Top 15 Free Printable Wolf Coloring Pages Online

cartoon animal howling wolf coloring pages printable and coloring book to print for free. Find more coloring pages online for kids and adults of cartoon animal howling wolf coloring pages to print.

I should really start sketching guidelines before drawing things

Your Guide to Drawing and Sketching Cats

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Super series of illustrations entitled Bear Concepts by Therese Larsson aka SIlly Beast Illustration from Stockholm, Sweden.

If you love animals or drawing then you should add this book to your collection. The Art of Animal Drawing is a crash course in not only animal anatomy, but usage of lines, page composition, animation.

How to Draw Dogs with Chris Hart on

How to Draw Dogs: Art Techniques for Animal Art

Explore why Chris Hart& art lessons on drawing dogs makes it Jen& Pick of the Week!