Concept ships by Eduardo Peña

Along with a selection of Eduardo Peña from FZD Design School latest work, don't miss his priceless video made in collaboration with Feng Zhu about the pro

USS Camano by Jan Dolezalek

One from my training artworks. It is something between concept art and design scene. I was little inspired by Mead´s Sulaco, but only in my mind, no reference

Concept ships from Mathias Verhasselt

Mathias Verhasselt's portfolio Collaboration with Emrah. Keywords: concept digital spaceship art by Mathias Verhasselt m@ Cine.

DREADNOUGHT - Medium Destroyer - Athos - Tier V by Michael Oberschneider | Sci-Fi | 3D | CGSociety

Concept design created for the game Dreadnought. The Athos was already the finest Destroyer in the Jupiter Arms fleet before it ended up on Sinley Bay and in the dry docks of Jupiter Mods. Originally captained by Shiphead Bellow, head of Jupiter Arms