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Ferrari‑Motorcycle, Fire Engine Red Beast on two wheels

Moto do Futuro

Something just had sex with my eyes and it s the Ferrari Superbike concept, but instead of having a smoke and cuddling I made a lame excuse and left so I could tell you all about it. This has to be the absolute best attempt at a Ferrari motorcycle.

Manly things made for the girly girls

Pink Ducati Motorcycle Today you may notice more motorcycles and scooters on the road than usual for the annual 'Ride to Work Day' .

This Tron-style Kawasaki concept, called the J, is an electric motorcycle where the front "wheel" splits into two. The J eschews handlebars ...

The far-out concepts of Tokyo Motor Show

This Tron-style Kawasaki concept, called the J, is an electric motorcycle where the front "wheel" splits into two.The best motorcycle invention in years.

Gallery: Frog Rana 2 electric motorcycle concept | The Verge

Frog Rana 2 electric motorcycle concept

The Frog Rana 2 is an updated electric version of the original Frog design that is now housed in the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

Steampunk bike

Image via Harley Image via No-Limit-Custom "Monza" V-Rod by NLCpix Image via Bozzies custom bike design Sick Rides! Image via Unusual Motorcycles Image via

Purple coolness on wheels...

This is insane. Purple Motorcycle ♥ if someone bought me this I would so learn to ride lol. But they would have to change the color to green.no purple ;


Icare Bike Concept by Enzyme Design in France is meant to be the Aston Martin of the two-wheeled world with a six-cyclinder Honda engine

HD Amazing Pictures: Amazing Cars of the Future

Not so sure about the wind screen.-) - Veículos Bizarros by Daniel Alho / Futuristic Car, Future Car, Futuristic Design, Concept Car, Round car concept

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Train Wreck bike is awesome

Now this is a conceptual idea that might very well be the next big thing in terms of an interesting motorbike design, where the designer Colby Higgins called it the “Train Wreck bike”. What makes the Train Wreck bike so […]

Bassmen — Moto Flaer 0.1 (W-CI-A) by Alexandr Pavlov


Dump A Day Random Pictures Of The Day - 47 Pics

Half four-wheeler, half jet-ski, awesome ~ are these the next popular ATV's?