Se tiver que amar, ame hoje. Se tiver que sorrir, sorria hoje. Se tiver que chorar, chore hoje. Pois o importante é viver hoje. O ontem já foi e o amanhã talvez não venha.

Fairy kitty Maria Lucia is a digital artist in dA. She has done a marvelous job to create a series of cute and sweet animals with her unique photo-manipulation digital art skill. Her work is immersed with moon color, fantasy,… Continue Reading →

Wild Defiance - 40 Mind Blowing Fantasy Creatures  <3 !

40 Mind Blowing Fantasy Creatures

Slawomir Maniak has recently published some impressive illustrations for client as Wizard of the Coast, Sony, WizKids, Alderac.

Fantasy knights art - Imgur

Fantasy knights art - Imgur

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The Syrax, or winged cat, was thought to be a familiar of adept Wiccans and was used to spy on the encroaching Christian hordes migrating from France and Italy (the period from about 300 AD to 790 AD).