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☆♚What star are you from?♚☆

☆♚What star are you from?

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I love the blue/black sweet look!

tumblr_omy0ue7M9C1rm1mnuo2_1280.jpg (646×1500)

Mint green and kitten love

I absolutely love this coordinate! The jsk is a print from Angelic Pretty.

Lolita fashion from Angelic Pretty:

Angelic Pretty Crystal Dream Carnival, Alice And The Pirates A/Pサテンリボンバレッタ/A/P Satin Ribbon Barrette, Angelic Pretty Fantasy Theater, Angelic Pretty Fantasy Theater, Jane Marpl

Angelic Pretty Crystal Dream Carnival Alice And The Pirates Satin Ribbon Barrette Angelic Pretty Fantasy Theater Angelic Pretty Fantasy Theater Jane Marpl

♥ ロリータ, Sweet Lolita, Fairy Kei, Lolita, Loli, Decora, Gothic Lolita, Victorian, Rococo♥

We're attempting to create a sortable database of lolita outfits! Feel free to submit your own coordinate photos.



Melty Whip Chocolate Jumperskirt - Chocolate

Melty Whip Chocolate JSK (in chocolate brown): Angelic Pretty

Antoinette Princess Dress

Gorgeous Chinese Lolita --> [Xiao Ya] dressed in Angelic Pretty Antoinette Princess OP

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[Notice the name--Belle Epoque Rose. Or put another way, Gilded Age Rose.