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VoltAir (Airbus)

Screw those fume-spewing turbofan engines dangling from the wing’s of today’s planes: We want this future all-electric passenger jet, and it’s not even that far away.

Monster Jumbo Could Be The Largest Airplane In The World

To answer the needs of larger, more fuel efficient, and more silent airplane, Philip Pauley has designed Monster Jumbo Aircraft. This Quad Deck Monster Jumbo

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MIT-led team designs airplanes that consume 70 percent less fuel than current models - Green Diary - Green Revolution Guide by Dr Prem

Boeing SUGAR Volt concept design (Image: NASA/The Boeing Company)

Boeing's SUGAR Freeze plane concept runs on cryogenically frozen liquid natural gas

Airbus Concept Plane

Not only start-ups and dreamers envision the future of airplane design—big aircraft manufacturers also encourage their engineers to brainstorm new possibilities for aviation. At Airbus, the latest …