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Airbus Concept Plane

Not only start-ups and dreamers envision the future of airplane design—big aircraft manufacturers also encourage their engineers to brainstorm new possibilities for aviation. At Airbus, the latest …


IXION windowless jet features solar panels and offers panoramic views - designboom


The engineer behind the Skreemr jet has unveiled another radical, much faster design for future air travel. Charles Bombadier latest concept jet is capable of reaching Mach 24 - more than twice the speed of the Skreemr and 12 times faster than Concorde

The NASA Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate's Environmentally Responsible Aviation Project. This is the joined wing design by Lockheed Martin.

NASA's Supersonic Passenger Planes of the Future: Coming in 2025?

Lockheed Martin’s advanced vehicle concept proposes a box wing design, which is now feasible thanks to modern lightweight composite (nonmetallic) materials, landing gear technologies and other advancements

Airbus Joins Aerion to Develop the Supersonic Business Jet


As soon as we might be flying in a new, more efficient aircraft with long, curled wings, a U-shaped tail and a lightweight body if manufacturer Airbus develops the "fantasy plane" it

Sky Whale (Oscar Vinal)

Luftfahrt: Airbus und Siemens entwickeln das E-Flugzeug

Luftfahrt: Airbus und Siemens entwickeln das E-Flugzeug - WELT