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Rosemary Mint soap
How to Un Mould Soap
good recipe for  making lavender rosemary soap( lavendaer buds wont stay a nice purple color they do turn brown
This is one of my favorite recipes.     It produces a hard, long-lasting bar with insanely wonderful lather—fluffy with just t...
$新潟 手作り石鹸の作り方教室 アロマセラピーのやさしい時間-デザイン石けん黒x白x青x緑x赤
Rustic Cinnamon Hazelnut Coffee Soap Tutorial - This DIY soap smells amazing!
There's an answer for us scaredy-cat soapmakers who don't want to use caustic lye when making soap! This method is easy and safe to do with kids around.
DIY Homemade Strawberry Preserves Cold Process Soap Recipe - My homemade Strawberry Preserves Soap Recipe is accented with exfoliating poppy seeds to make it look more like preserves, while the scent is an edible blend of strawberries, vanilla sugar and sweet syrup.
Create Custom Soaps From A Single Recipe
How To Make A Hand Made Soap Gift: Glycerin soap base- Clear or white  Microwave safe measuring cup   Spoon- To mix in the color and scent  Fragrance Oil or Essential oil  Soap color (more details below)  Cookie cutters- To make fun shapes  Mold- (more details below)