have faith in your dreams by khallion

Have Faith in Your Dreams Art Print by Karen Hallion Illustrations - Cinderella

5 Disney Villians Sugar Skull Print 11x14 print by NutCracks, $19.00 #redditgifts

Disney Villains Sugar Skull art print from Etsy seller NutCracks. Villains from Disney movies illustrated as Day of the Dead sugar skulls! Featured are: Maleficent, Ursula, Cruela, the Queen of Hearts, and Snow White's stepmother the Evil Queen.


Ack his mind go away mind you go away poor Hans leave him alone!

The Picture of Sophisticated Grace

The Picture of Sophisticated Grace - Anna and Elsa face characters for Disney's Frozen. If I ever have to be a Disney Princess I'm so making that face!

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This girl used Polaroids to take pictures with and get autographs of characters at Disney parks. This is awesome! :)

Character autograph idea: take a Polaroid pic and have the character sign the photo. Just another reason to want a Polaroid!

The fight that everyone wished for. Why didn't this happen?

If Hans had fire power. >> Everything changed when the fire nation attacked

The witch turns Elsa into Elfaba

The witch turns Elsa into some sort of hag. Previous Pinner said that and a person corrects her that's Elphaba and calls her an uncultured swine from toy story