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1 HOUR of AMAZING HQ SPACE VIDEO - The BEST of Discovery Space

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Scientists Solve Mysteries of Nearby Planetary System

Cosmonaut Yury Lonchakov takes a space selfie during a spacewalk on 10 March


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It delves deeply into astrophysics and gives cause to the singularity that spawned our universe.

Sunrise In Space: An astounding image of the bright sun peaking around our earth. In the background you can see an array of stars and galaxy formations.

Люблю тебя бесконечно... - YouTube

Spectacular photos from space of NGC 3324 A 'landscape' image from the cosmos; cutting across a nearby star-forming region are the "hills and valleys" of gas and dust displayed in intricate detail


the Final Frontier.ok, it's a little corny, but space has always captured the imagination of people. It's unknown, it's cool, .

Looks like there is a face in the middle. Its probably me high as tuck...

Looks like there is a face in the middle. Its probably me high as tuck.